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  • Morning Check In

    Morning Check In

    Start each day centered & strong with a seven step Embodied Mindfulness session.

  • Afternoon Breakthrough

    Afternoon Breakthrough

    Build resilience and self knowledge with a set of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tools.

  • Evening Wind Down

    Evening Wind Down

    Relax with visualizations that reinforce progress & prep you for restful, restorative sleep.

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About TheWhyRoad

Our mission is to help you live a contented life

Anxious feelings are a natural part of being human, rooted in our evolution and reinforced by our life experience. We all feel anxious at some point in our day. Whether we're at home, feeling nervous before calling up a family member. Or in a meeting, feeling sick before speaking in front of our co-workers. Anxious feelings are normal, but they do not have to limit your potential! At The Why Road, we believe that we can conquer anxiety by employing tried and tested tools to take control of the narrative, and to bring our anxiety down to a manageable level. 

The 'Conquer Anxiety Course' was crafted in collaboration with a team of mental health professionals, to help people overcome this barrier and to take control. The sessions integrate a combination of simple tools that get to the root of anxious thinking and anxious feeling, bring your anxiety down to an appropriate level, and set you back on your path to contentment!

Co-Founder, Robert Curtis

What is my Why?

Robert Curtis, Founder

The road to finding my why began with the loss of my big brother in 2008. This tragic event prompted me to stop, take stock and ask myself a fundamental question. What really matters to me? How can I make that thing a more central part of my life? I knew from my own experiences with mental health issues that life can be very hard, that happiness is fleeting, and that what we feel we are meant to do can seem a long way from what we actually do.

That moment of loss was a catalyst that led me down a path of self discovery and a new career that I felt would be more fulfilling. I trained to become a certified therapist and registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

"By integrating approaches that attend to both the thinking and the feeling of anxiety, we give ourselves the best chance of dialing down our anxiety to an appropriate level."

Being a therapist and working in community projects continues to be a nourishing and healing process for both me and those I work with. Along the way I discovered that my true purpose in life was to help others free themselves from their emotional constraints and follow their why. Throughout my career, anxiety has always been the number one barrier to contentment brought by clients and this is borne out by research by both the CDC and WHO.

This course has been built from my experience of what works for my clients and what has been shown to be effective in academic studies. By integrating approaches that attend to both the thinking and the feeling of anxiety, we give ourselves the best chance of dialing down our anxiety to an appropriate level. This can be so liberating, allowing us to become the people we so want to be.

I hope that this course will help you overcome your anxiety and take control so that you are free to follow your Why. I, and the team, look forward to hearing your feedback and sharing in your story. In the mean-time, be kind to yourself and to others!

Let us help you get back on your path to contentment!

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